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We are a Sussex based bricklaying contractor who has a wealth of experience in building houses. We provide free brickwork quotations for projects worth £500-£2.5million for residential, commercial and construction customers alike. Specialising in new builds we provide our bricklaying & blockwork services for the following projects:

  • Large construction sites.
  • Home extensions.
  • Restoration works.
  • Re-pointing.
  • Timber frames.
  • Blocks of flats.
  • Garden walls.
  • And more…

Why use Sussex Brickwork?

Below are just a few reasons why you should choose us as the bricklaying contractor for your build:

  • Brickwork from £35-£75 per sqm. Guide price of 60 bricks per sqm.
  • Blockwork from £18-£35 per sqm. Guide of 10 blocks per sqm.
  • We provide testimonials and references on request.
  • Our bricklaying company provides free quotes with no obligation.
  • CITB trained brickies.
  • City and guilds and NVQ qualified foremen and bricklayers.
  • Hardworking and reliable team of bricklayers and labourers.
  • Excellent reputation along the the south coast.
  • A specialist bricklaying contractor who provides the highest standards of work.
  • In house surveyors and architect services provided.
  • We have years of experience within the construction trade.
  • Competitive prices.
  • CSCS registered bricklayers who have undergone health and safety training.

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As a highly experienced brickwork company, we provide the following services:

Below are just some of the main bricklaying and building services we offer our construction, commercial and residential clients in Sussex and beyond.

Domestic bricklaying

Residential house building

As an established bricklaying contractor we cover all types of residential brickwork from garden walls to full property extensions, garages, fireplaces, conservatory bases, new chimneys & more.

New builds / small property developments

House builders and property development

With our new house build service, we have a great team of professional bricklayers, groundworkers, carpenters and roofers who will build your new house, extension, or garage block.

Brickwork re-pointing

Brickwork re-pointing

Whether you require repointing on a small domestic property or for a large commercial building our experienced bricklayers will have your brickwork looking good as new.

Site work / large housing estates

Bricklaying for large construction projects

Our bricklayers have worked on many building and construction sites over the years so know exactly what is required on progressive bricklaying jobs. We keep to timescales and our builders always adhere to health and safety regulations.

Restoration works

Restoration building works

Our teams of skilled bricklayers will work meticulously to restore any type of brickwork from external listed buildings to old fireplaces. Our bricklayers will restore the appearance and replace any loose or damaged brickwork and mortar.

Home extensions / garage blocks

Builders of house extensions

This is one of our more popular services as our skilled builders have built dozens of extensions over the years including: small lean-tos, single storey and large two storey side extensions, garage blocks and also bases of conservatories.

Brick and blockwork FAQ’s

This is a difficult question to answer outright as there are lots of different factors a bricklaying contractor needs to take into consideration. It all depends on the type of project you are undertaking, because no project is ever the same, so our brickwork contractor team would need to go through the drawings, and a bill of quants to be able to provide you with our best price for labour or labour and materials.

Our prices will also depend on if the house build is a straight run for our bricklayers? What the access is like on site? And also, if there is a forklift available to lift the materials? Otherwise, our hod-carriers may have to carry bricks and cement up ladders which is more labour intensive and time consuming.

However, to offer you a rough guide, here is our square metre rate below and also how to work out measurements:

  • We charge approximately £35-£75 per sqm for bricklaying, working on an average of 60 bricks per sqm.
  • Our blockwork costs are £18-£35 per sqm, and this would be using 10 blocks per square metre.

Below is our rough pricing guide for 1000 bricks:

So, if you want to work out how much we would charge for 1000 bricks you need to divide the square metre rate. So, for example, if we charge £40 per sqm this would then be worked out as 40 (the sqm rate) divided by 60 (as 60 bricks make up a sqm) = .666 so that’s £666 for every 1000 bricks we lay, so this should give you a rough idea of our costs but please be aware our sqm rate can vary greatly depending on the project.

*The above is just a guide, and it is advisable to obtain a site visit or send us drawings and a bill of quantities for our bricklaying company to be able to provide a detailed quotation.*


Our team of knowledgeable bricklayers cover a wide area including East Sussex and West Sussex but will also consider work in Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and further afield depending on the type of house builders project you are undertaking.

No, unfortunately our bricklayers are unable to lay bricks in the rain, and this is because any extra moisture that gets into the brick and mortar can actually do more harm than good. Exposing brickwork to water over a long period of time will lead to ‘leaching’ which is where salt deposits are left once the water evaporates and can affect the finish of the front facing brickwork. Also, the bond between the brick and the mortar will not be as strong and will not work as it should.

On average 60 bricks make up a square metre and 10 block also make up a sqm.

Bricks are bonded together with mortar which is a mixture of sand, a binder such as cement or lime plus water. However, there are different types of bonds used when building brickwork and these are:

  • Stretcher bond

This is the longer face of a brick. Using a brick arrangement size of 190 mm × 90 mm × 90 mm, 190 mm × 90 mm face is called the stretcher. This type of construction is effective for partition walls that have a half brick thickness.

  • Header bond

This is the shortest face of a brick and has a brick arrangement size of 90 mm × 90 mm face, it is generally used for the construction of 1 brick thick walls.

  • English bond

This is a course of stretchers and headers and is deemed to be the strongest bond and is used on walls of all types of thickness.

  • Flemish bond

This also consists of headers and stretchers but in alternate courses beginning with a stretcher and then a header.

Blockwork is a technique used by builders in construction that consists of large concrete or cement blocks being used to build walls for buildings. The blocks themselves are lightweight, good for insulation and are more cost effective than bricks. Blockwork is generally used for internal and retaining walls.

The main differences between building with blockwork or brickwork is:

Budget – Blocks are generally cheaper than bricks so if you need to keep the budget down then blocks might be a better option.

Look – It depends on the look you are after. Bricks are generally used on external walls as they are more aesthetically pleasing on the eye however if you use blocks, they can be rendered over so can also look nice. It is really down to personal preference.

Longevity – Brickwork is more expensive than blocks, but brickwork does tend to offer a greater look, is lower maintenance and is proven to stand the test of time. 

When you get in touch with our experienced bricklaying company, our team will ask you various questions about your new build project, and once we have these details, one of our estimators will call you back to arrange a convenient time to have a site meeting to go through everything you need including health and safety, any drawings you have and anything else that may arise during our site visit.

Our estimators will then go back and work through a price that will be accurate for the type of house build needed. Our conscious team will then email you the quotation over for you to go through and should you have any questions all you need to do is ask and we will be happy to clarify anything.

Once you are happy with our quote and wish to proceed, our house builders team will book you in to start the build, working to your timescales. As your bricklaying contractor we will organise with our scaffold division if you have taken advantage of our bricklaying and scaffold packages to ensure they will also be able to meet your builds schedule. Your project manager will be available throughout, should you have any concerns or questions regarding the progress. We guarantee that if you chose us as your bricklaying contractor, you will not be disappointed with our service and workmanship.

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Check out some of our completed work below, all our bricklaying projects are completed to the highest of standards and stand the test of time:

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If you are looking for house builders you can trust, then the Sussex brickwork company is for you. Get in touch with our office team for a free quotation and site visit and let a local trusted bricklaying contractor look after your new build project with care and dedication.